12th April 2017

Letter to Scott King

Dear Scott King

My name is Hamish Winder and i am a year 12 student at mount aspiring college.

I was wondering if you would like to come in and talk to our class of 15 year 12 and 13 students in an informal discussion that may last 10-15 minutes about what you have done to get to where you are today and some of the ups and down of riding motorbikes in New Zealand and in Australia and talk about what your favourite part of riding dirt bikes. I will Keep in contact with you so we can arrange a time for you to come in and talk to us about your life.


Yours sincerely

Hamish Winder

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  1. Paragraph One: Introduce yourself, the pathways class (they’ll have no idea what that actually is, so you’ll need to explain to them what the class is) and the idea that we’re inviting people we respect into class to meet and ask questions.

    Paragraph Two: Here’s where you explain what the class might gain from getting an insight into your visitor’s life and views about the world, education, real life etc

    Paragraph Three: This is where you talk about when and how the meeting will be organised – offering them the flexibility of a range of different times and providing them with a means of being in contact with you – phone number or email, for example.


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